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vmktree 0.4.1 with support for ESX(i) 4.1 is here

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Key features:

– Support for 4.1 ESX and ESXi only
– Providing stats for core four of the host (+more). Currently lacking networking stats per VM.
– Supporting many new values provided by ESX 4.1 such as: memory compression, power usage, disk latency, queues, etc….
– Since many new values have been added, the database is not backward compatible with older versions (only parts)


1. Deploy VMware vMA from URL:
2. Start the vMA VM, configure ip, pw, etc. Login as vm-admin
3. Download vmktree: wget
4. tar xjvf vmktree-0.4.1.tar.bz2
5. cd vmktree-0.4.1
6. sudo ./
7. vmktree-addesx
8. Open your web browser and point to http://ip-or-name-of-vma/vmktree

SSH needs to be enabled so make sure your ESXi hosts have “Remote Tech support (SSH)” enabled.

ESXi hosts loose their ssh keys after reboot so check out this workaround.

Any Debian or RHEL based distro should in theory work.

Have fun!

Update: A few bugs has been reported and fixed since 0.4.0 was released so this posting has been updated to 0.4.1.