vmktree 0.3.0 out of beta

After 15 beta releases, and a quite long time of being in that phase, vmktree is now out of beta for ESX 3.x.

If the stats collected from ESX 3.5 hadn’t been so different from 3.0.x, it would  have been released ~ a year ago.

vmktree has been %99 rewritten since the version for ESX 2.x. This new version is much more scalable and it’s quite easy to add new devices without having to recode anything.

Some of the previous functions (live esxtop stats, export to excel, text report) are not implemented at this point, while the top stats have moved down to the low level graphs.

I’ve also added a quick install guide for CentOS and will be adding one shortly for Ubuntu Jeos too.


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  1. Hey Lars,

    This is great! Thanks for your work with this.

    I will get this tested in our lab soon.

    I b e n

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