Changelog: vmktree for ESX2.x

31Oct2006 v0.2.20 Virtual switch view. Fixed issue in esxtop view, resource view cpu & mem, info in system nics. Uninstall script.
02Nov2005 v0.2.19 Added real time stats (esxtop). Minor general improvements.
07Oct2005 v0.2.18 Fixed a bug in the text report that gave numbers that were 100 times too high.
02Oct2005 v0.2.17 Added text report.
01Sep2005 v0.2.16 Support for exporting data to Excel.
22Jun2005 v0.2.15 Support for config files on vmfs2 and config files with special characters.
27Apr2005 v0.2.14 Added vmnic stats in top reports. Added cpu ready graph to top cpu stats.
15Apr2005 v0.2.13 Better performance. Lun+cpu ready stats. Fixed space character bug.
11Oct2004 v0.2.12 Fixed a bug in vm unused memory and a bug in top reports when using Mozilla.
10Oct2004 v0.2.11 Bugfixes on vm swap. Added swap and balloon to top reports. Minor GUI fixes.
23Aug2004 v0.2.10 Included Console OS cpu in Top cpu report. Bugfixes of periodic view links that didn’t work for certain graphs.
20Jul2004 v0.2.9 Support for ESX Server 2.1.1. Changed system memory view. Fixed swap graphs. CPU graphs are now looking good.
28May2004 v0.2.8 Fixed views for resolutions >1280×1024. Bugfix for names with (). Added shared memory top view. Max view range set to 1 month.
14Apr2004 v0.2.7 Changed vm memory view to show private memory usage. Added top memory reports for private and active memory.
21Mar2004 v0.2.6 Virtual SMP support. Added average values for memory views.
14Mar2004 v0.2.5 Added top cpu report. Moved the zoom bars. Fixed a bug that prevented vmktree from working in Mozilla.
07Mar2004 v0.2.4 Some bug fixes. Added tools menu. Changed default view to 3h as we found that more useful. Added additional zoom and refresh funtionality. Added graphs for Console OS and swap usage.
09Dec2003 v0.2.3 Changed the display names of the virtual machines in the menu and resource views to the first word of Display Name (in the VMware MUI) instead of deriving the name from the file name of the config file.
04Dec2003 v0.2.2 Support for any number of cpus, not limited to 4 anymore.
19Nov2003 v0.2.1 Support for ESX Server 2.01. Have rewritten some gui functionality to not abuse frames. Performance enhancements in the menu building and several bug fixes.
06Nov2003 v0.2.0 Menu improvements. Added ‘resource view’ menu items.
02Nov2003 Default view is now 1 week after I’ve realized that the rrd’s wrap at 1 week.
27Oct2003 vm’s with multiple hba’s didn’t show up correctly. This is now fixed.
27Oct2003 Better performance. Devices now show up in the same order as in the mui.
24Oct2003 Improved device menu.
17Oct2003 Initial public release.

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