Changelog: vmktree for VMware Server and GSX Server

11Sep2007 v0.1.2 The graph in the memory report didn’t work on all systems.
22Jun2007 v0.1.1 New linux memory overview stats. GUI improvements. Cciss support.
20Dec2006 v0.0.9 Top vnic statistics. More bug fixes for non A-Z characters.
11Dec2006 v0.0.8 Bug fixes related to file names and paths. Better handling never powered on VMs. Install script now works on more linux distros.
06Dec2006 v0.0.7 Support for GSX Server.
24Nov2006 v0.0.6 Physical nics in virtual switches. Export to Excel function now exports all values.
16Nov2006 v0.0.5 Real time (“live”) cpu graphs. Fix for VMs with pid>9999. Permissions on vmktree/tmp directory as the default setting wasn’t good in all linux variants.
24Oct2006 v0.0.4 Virtual switches. Fixed wrong text in top VM Memory stats. Processes out, forks in.
21Oct2006 v0.0.3 Now also monitors non-root owned VMs. Added graph for context switches, interrupts, processes. Data harvesting for virtual switches (no presentation yet).
18Oct2006 v0.0.2 Removed hba queue graph. It was wrong.
17Oct2006 v0.0.1 Initial version.

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