Quick Start Guide for 0.3.0 (CentOS)

vmktree needs to be installed outside of the Service Console. This can be done in a physical or virtual machine.

This quick start guide is based on CentOS 5.0. I’ve also chosen to use a VMware optimized lamp appliance from a member of the CentOS team. This is a standard CentOS install tuned for running in a virtual environment.
CentOS is the free edition of RHEL and CentOS 5.0 is also officially supported by VMware.

You can find the CentOS 5.0 lamp appliance and background info here:
..or go directly to the download site here: http://dev.centos.org/~tru/vmware/
*note: Make sure you get the CentOS-5.lamp.XXXX.zip that matches your needs.

Use VMware Converter or similar to transfer this VM to your virtual environment.

Start the VM, go through the config wizard login to the VM.

Transfer the vmktree install image to the VM. This can be done by using WinSCP, or by installing lynx (yum install lynx) and pointing it to vmktree.org (lynx vmktree.org).
Download vmktree into the appliance and do the following:
# tar xjvf vmktree-0.3 <- press tab
# cd vmktree-0.3 <- press tab

# cd linux-install-help/

# ./centos_x64 <- press tab. chose 32 if you’re on 32 bit. This script installs missing packages

# system-config-securitylevel
SELinux, set to “Disabled”

Customize, then choose <Allow incoming WWW>

# ./install.pl

The installer runs now and setup things. The config is however empty and you’ll need to add your config.
# vmktree-addesx dns.name.of.esxhost

# /etc/init.d/crond reload

And you’re ready to go. Now wait a few minutes and you’ll start seeing graphs in http://ip.address.or.name.of.appliance/vmktree

NB: In order to monitor ESXi you will need to enable the unsupported console first.

NB2: If ESXi is rebooted you will need to run vmktree-addesx again. This is not needed for normal ESX.

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